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Rijswijk is a city of about 55,000 inhabitants and consists of several neighborhoods. Whether you live in Oud Rijswijk, Muziekbuurt, Leeuwendaal, or any other neighborhood in Rijswijk, at Health Me you've come to the right place. Our gym in Rijswijk offers a unique range of fitness. Whether you're an experienced athlete or just starting out in fitness, you'll be right with us. Our modern gym is equipped with the latest and smart cardio and strength machines that remember your settings. Doing a trial lesson? Sign up now!

Fitness in Rijswijk

At Health Me, we not only offer fitness in Rijswijk, but also in the nearby area of Wateringen, Leidschendam, Scheveningen and Westland. Our fitness center offers great guidance and modern equipment. Whether you want to lose weight, build muscle strength or working on your condition, with us it's all possible. Come along for a trial class And discover what we have to offer!

fitness Rijswijk

Milon Circle training in Rijswijk

The Milon Circle is a computerized fitness circuit that alternates your fitness and muscle strength. It consists of 12 machines, including 6 cardio and 6 strength machines. A workout lasts only 35 minutes and consists of two 17.5-minute rounds. The circuit has the same route for everyone and a fixed starting and ending point. Each strength training session lasts 1 minute per round and the cardio equipment (bicycle or crosstrainer) lasts 4 minutes. It's an efficient way to work out and reach your goals faster. Wondering if you can do it? Take the free lifestyle test now.

Fit and slim in 35 minutes

Fit and slim in 35 minutes With Milon Circle workouts, you alternate fitness and muscle strength and achieve your fitness goals faster. Read more about slim & fit Becoming, pain & complaints, vital & healthy or anti-aging. It is an efficient way of exercising in a group setting and takes only 35 minutes. There is always a fixed route you take, so you never get in each other's way. It is an excellent alternative to personal training in Rijswijk. So what are you waiting for? Sign up now at our gym in Rijswijk and discover the benefits of the Milon Circle.

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