Anti aging

Eternal youth begins with healthy muscles!

Sarcopenia and dynapenia

From your 30e year of life, muscle density and muscle strength slowly begins to decline. In technical terms, this is called sarcopenia and dynapenia. This can lead to the following symptoms:

DiabetesBack PainNeck complaintsOsteoarthritisCardiovascular diseases
Elderly Movement
Elderly sports


Muscles are endocrine organs this means that through proper strength training the body secretes hormones. The hormone-like substance released are myokines. These myokines have tremendous health benefits such as:

Instant fat burning strength trainingBlood sugar regulationAnti aging skinStimulate macrophagesBone strengthening

In short, myokines slow down the body's aging system and have a tremendous positive effect on health. Myokines are a kind of pharmacy for the body!

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