Health Me concept

Health Me concept

At Health Me, we always start with a no-obligation sports consultation where desired goals, sports history, daily routine and any injuries are discussed. Based on this, a customized plan is made.

The first training session

At the first workout you always start with a body scan under the guidance of your coach. This ensures that the correct Range Of Motion (ROM) is activated, or movement range. Then a starting weight is determined through a strength measurement. All this data is recorded on a personal pass or wristband. If you then start training again and log on to the machines, they automatically switch to the correct ROM and your last trained weights. So never worry again about how something was set or how heavy you should train!

What should I bring to the first training session?

  • Clean athletic shoe, these may have been worn outside
  • Towel
  • We offer free chilled water from a water purification system

    Oh yeah, and a good mood! In case you don't have enough energy, don't worry because our coaches are brimming with energy that members can also draw on!

Training at Health Me

We work with the Milon circle styled as Health Me. With the Milon circle we distinguish ourselves from traditional fitness and offer a cheap way of personal training. The Milon circle has 12 computer-controlled machines of which 6 cardio and 6 strength machines. A workout lasts only 35 minutes consisting of two rounds of 17.5 minutes. The circuit has a fixed route and has the same starting and finishing point for everyone. This way you never get in each other's way and everyone has enough space to train. Each strength exercise lasts 1 minute per round, when the minute is up you have 30 seconds to change equipment. On a cardio machine (bicycle or crosstrainer) you will work out intensively for 4 minutes.

Concentric and Eccentric training

In strength training, you always have an outward and backward movement. We call this concentrically the outward movement where the muscle shortens and eccentrically the return movement where the muscle lengthens. The latter is also the movement on which people are physiologically stronger. Because we can set this separately on the Milon Circle we can give an extra stimulus to the body so that you will progress quickly in a safe way and that in only 35 minutes!

Training plans

Each training plan consists of 20 workouts over an average of 10 to 12 weeks. After 20 workouts, the body is ready for a new stimulus. At this time you also have another 1 on 1 appointment with one of the coaches to discuss your goals. Based on this, a new training schedule will be made so that the desired goals are achieved again!


At Health Me you never exercise unnoticed! All workouts are stored in our software system called: Milon care. Here we can see the progression clearly and clearly and in this way we can walk a constant ladder of success with the members. This progression is discussed with the members every 5 weeks in a 1 on 1 moment. Outside Milon care, members can make use of Milon Me if desired. This is an advanced but user-friendly app where you as a member can see all your workouts and progress and also fun tips and facts. During your workout a coach is present to stimulate, inform, motivate and entertain you. But if you prefer to train on your own, this is fully accepted.


At each facility, changing rooms and separate showers can be used after exercise. Lockers are also available and there is a coffee corner.

Coffee Corner

If desired, free use can be made of the coffee corner after training where delicious bean coffee and various teas are offered. It is a social meeting place for members where a newspaper can also be read comfortably.

Our members

Many of our members have never done strength training before or exercised at all. For those who did manage to motivate themselves enough to enter a fitness club, the adventure soon ended often unnoticed in the cardio corner or even worse as a sponsor of the club! This was not because they didn't want something else but because for many people it is difficult to enter the right settings, determine the weights and, finally, the right rhythm with the corresponding number of repetitions. But we at Health Me have thought of this too through the above-mentioned automated way of training and active coaching. At Health Me, we offer the alternative to the gym and also for those who do not like working out!

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