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Do you have almost no time to exercise? Do you want to lose more weight, get stronger or have more energy? Then the Milon Circle is perfect for you! Let us explain it to you. Do you really want results from traditional fitness? Then you have to train so intensively that many people quit because of the high stress on the body. On Milon, that's a thing of the past! You push out a weight that you can easily handle and the resistance increases as soon as you lower the weight. You are about 50% stronger when lowering weights. So that's how you train hard enough but with much less effort.

What is the Milon Circle?

The Milon Circle are 12 different machines that you complete in a circle. You train alternately condition and muscle strength. Through your personal wristband, the Milon Circle ensures that the machines are perfectly adjusted to your size. The machines constantly communicate with the coach so he knows when to coach you best. A session lasts 35 minutes and you do 2 rounds. So the Milon circle is ideal for people who have almost no time to work out. The circuit has a fixed route and has the same starting and finishing point for everyone. This way you never get in each other's way and everyone has enough space to train. Each strength training session lasts 1 minute per round, when the minute is up you have 30 seconds to change equipment. On a cardio machine (bicycle or crosstrainer) you are working intensively for 4 minutes.

Why Milon?


Because a session takes only 35 minutes, you'll be done with your workout in no time. Weekly 2 sessions is enough for results!


You spend 1 minute per strength machine and 4 minutes on the cardio machines. Before you know it, you'll slide on to the next machine!


The first workout you always start with a body scan so you have the right range of motion on the machines. Then you do a power measurement together with the coach so you have the right training resistance. Because of your personal Milon wristband, the machines adjust themselves as soon as you log onto a machine. This setting is determined by the above mentioned strength measurement and body scan. Working out safely is very easy this way.

Personal training

Everyone needs an extra push at times, to motivate or adjust. Milon's technology makes it possible for our coaches to focus on you. They give you all the attention you need to keep your resolutions.


Our machines increase resistance when you lower the weight. This is because you are then 50% stronger. You push the weight away with 50% less effort than lowering the weight. You achieve here by 30% more results in terms of strength gains and muscle building than on traditional equipment. The Milon circle is a so-called HIIT workout, which causes you to burn up to 15x more fat after the workout than a normal endurance workout.
We at Health Me make some strong statements. Up to 30% more muscle building and up to 15x more fat burning. Here we compare our method to what most people do when exercising in the normal way.

Why Milon?

Burning fat

A lot of people exercise more to lose weight. To burn 1 kg of fat you need 8000 kcal of exercise. During an hour of moderate intensity exercise you consume only 200 kcal and during an hour of intensive exercise you consume 500 kcal. So if you go hiking 2 times a week you will only burn 1 kg of fat after 20 weeks. If you run 2 times a week, you will spend 2 months burning 1 kg of fat. In addition, you should not eat extra because exercise often increases your appetite. So a quarter extra pizza or an extra beer is not allowed either!

Did you know that you not only burn energy during exercise, but also after? After exercise, you still have an increased metabolism because your body needs to recover. This means you burn more kcal. On a normal day you use 2000 to 2400 kcal per day. During exercise this is more, while sitting or sleeping this is less. When you are awake you use an average of 100 to 200 kcal per hour. This depends on your activity, weight and whether you are male or female.

After intense endurance training, your metabolism is increased for about another hour 50%. You are only fully recovered after 24 hours and your metabolism is back to normal. You only have this effect with sufficiently intense training, not after a short walk. Your body does not need to recover from that.

After an intense HIIT workout, where you train strength and endurance at a higher intensity, your metabolism is still up to 50% 15 hours after exercise. Your body then spends up to 3 days recovering. This causes your body to start adjusting to the load and getting stronger. The Milon Circle is a very safe and easy way to do HIIT training!

Getting stronger and fitter

The most effective way to build muscle is a HIIT workout such as Milon. To build your muscles, you have to go over a certain intensity. You have to load your muscles harder than they are used to. This causes micro-trauma, your body is going to repair this and make it stronger than before. Without a personal trainer or without knowledge and experience, no one is going to train so heavily that these microtraumata occur. This is because otherwise, you are going to risk real injuries.

Through the combination of the Milon circle and the Health Me coaches, we guarantee that with 50% less effort and 100% safety, you will still be able to train sufficiently hard. The machines always adjust to your body, to your level. So nothing can ever go wrong. Holding the weight back only takes half the effort compared to pushing the weight away. Holding back the weight is also called eccentric training. Normally this is not possible without a training partner, but with the Milon machines this is built in.

Therefore, if you have trained sufficiently heavy and the microtraumata have recovered, then a few days after the workout you will be stronger than before. When you train with the same weight now, it will be easier than the previous workout. So you need to increase your resistance regularly to keep results. So if you train with the same weight every time, you will not get stronger. At the push of a button on a Milon machine, all the machines are a tiny bit heavier. Eccentric training, and constantly increasing your resistance in small increments makes a Milon workout up to 30% more effective than any other normal way of strength training.

Less pain

Have you been suffering from injuries for a while? You can also use the Milon method if you suffer from back problems, knee problems or whatever. By doing a session twice a week Milon guarantees that you will build up your condition and strength.

Do you really suffer a lot? Then there is also the possibility of using another form of training, isokinetic training. With this form of training, everyone can exercise without risk of injury. All equipment can be specifically adjusted.

Our Health Me coaches review what they can best help you with and what to pay attention to when setting up the machines. For each condition, we indicate in detail for each machine what the correct settings are. In this way we build up your muscle strength and condition step by step.

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