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Do you want to feel better and more comfortable in your skin?

Do you feel that you are not comfortable in your skin or that you want to lose some pounds? With our renowned Health Me concept we have already helped many people. Together with your coach you set your goals. One of the goals can be to become leaner and fitter.

Nutrition plays an important role in making your body feel better and fitter. Health Me helps you address the following issues:

Information on nutritionYour own customized feeding schedulePersonal guidanceAssistance with exerciseInformation on balancing diet and exercise

Health Me is more than just a gym!

With the renowned Health Me concept, we have helped many people achieve a slimmer and tighter body. This with only 2 weekly sports sessions of 35 minutes under the guidance of a coach. If you want to come more often you are welcome! Does your body need an extra boost besides the sports to achieve the desired goal in a short time, we can also guide you in the field of personal nutrition coaching. Sign up now to get slim and watch the inches disappear!

Milon workouts

Counteract muscle breakdown

From the 30e year of life muscles at the micro level begin to slowly break down. The lower the muscle density the slower the metabolism becomes. This is a slower metabolism. Even if you don't change anything in your diet the body still gains an average of one kilogram of fat per year. In addition, 1 kilo of fat mass has 4 times the volume of a kilo of muscle mass. In short, less muscle and more fat is not immediately visible on the scales, but it does add size!

What do members tell about us?

"I have my first phase in the pocket. My back pain is reduced and even the pain from my heel spur is less. I never thought I would last but it feels really good!"
"It's a treat to come here and it's always fun. I notice that my fitness is getting better and my stomach is getting stronger."

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    Do you want to start fitness, lose weight or get fitter? And to do so in a safe and pleasant environment? But do you keep postponing the first step to the gym? Then Health Me has a personalized solution for you!


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