Pain and complaint management

To rest is to rust!

Been suffering from neck, back or knee pain for a long time? Then you've probably stopped exercising. And that's not surprising because in response to pain you are quick to rest. But this is actually not the right way to manage pain. Temporary relief is desirable, but stopping exercise and sports will cause muscles to break down. The less muscle tissue the less joints are supported! More exercise can also counteract overweight, obesity, diabetes and depression. One thing is certain: more exercise will reduce pain at all times.

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Pain management at Health Me

At Health Me, you'll work with a coach on the "5 FIVE mobility training" and "JUK (properly executed strength training). You do all this with the Milon Circle. We have already helped many members/patients get rid of their physical complaints. Sign up now and we will make sure that you will soon be able to move complaint-free!
Health Me provides the right guidance for your injury!

The degeneration process of muscles when not exercising

Phase 1: 25-45 years of age

(Beginning) back pain

Phase 2: 40- 60 years of age

Osteoarthritis wear in joints + reduced mobility

Stage 3: 60+ years of age

Assistance needs. Consider a cane, walker, etc.

Stage 4: Vascular dementia

Forgetful, slow to understand, unable to multitask, dementia

What do members tell about us?

"I have my first phase in the pocket. My back pain is reduced and even the pain from my heel spur is less. I never thought I would last but it feels really good!"
"It's a treat to come here and it's always fun. I notice that my fitness is getting better and my stomach is getting stronger."

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    Do you want to start fitness, lose weight or get fitter? And to do so in a safe and pleasant environment? But do you keep postponing the first step to the gym? Then Health Me has a personalized solution for you!


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