Gym Nootdorp

Gym Nootdorp

Looking for a good gym in Nootdorp? You can work out at Health Me in Nootdorp. Our fitness center offers good guidance and modern and smart equipment. Whatever your sports goal is, lose weight, building muscle strength or a better condition get, with our unique concept you work on your personal goals at your own level, but cozy in a group. What makes our concept so special is that in only 35 minutes you can get an effective full body work-out does. Sign up now for a trial class near you and experience Health Me's unique fitness experience!

Milon Circle training in Nootdorp

Train yourself fit and slim in just 35 minutes with our Milon Circle workout. The Milon Circle is an efficient customized training method, where you alternate fitness and muscle strength in a computerized fitness circuit. The circuit consists of 12 fitness machines, including 6 cardio and 6 strength machines. Each strength workout lasts 1 minute per round, and on the cardio machines (for example, a bicycle or crosstrainer) you spend 4 minutes doing intense work. You then have 30 seconds between each round to switch. This way you never get in the way of your fellow athlete. With the Milon Circle training method you achieve your goals faster and are less likely to suffer from injuries caused by improper use of the equipment. Does this appeal to you? Then follow a trial class in one of our fitness and health clubs in Nootdorp or surroundings and discover it for yourself

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Luxury gym in Nootdorp

Do you prefer to work out with a personal trainer? In that case, our gym near Nootdorp is the perfect choice for you. Before you start working with us, we measure all pivot points of the body through a body scan. We then adjust the equipment precisely to these points. You only need to scan your wristband at the fitness machine and the machine will adjust itself to your settings and level. In addition, our enthusiastic fitness instructors are always present to motivate you and give instructions where necessary. Target achieved? Then together we set a new goal and adjust your training schedule accordingly.

Health Me near Nootdorp

At our Health Me fitness club near Nootdorp you will train yourself fit, slim and strong in just 35 minutes. Our gym is open to anyone who does not want to spend a lot of time working out, wants to see results quickly and values personal attention. With our trainings you do not only work on a better body or better condition, we also make sports fun, because we keep it small and train in groups. Need extra help, such as a customized nutrition plan? We are also happy to help you with this. Are you 60 years or older and do you prefer working out with peers? In addition to our regular workouts, we offer special group classes for the elderly. Feel free to drop by and experience how you can work on a healthier and stronger body under proper guidance and in a pleasant atmosphere.

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    In addition to our location in Nootdorp, we also have locations in and around Westland (Naaldwijk), Rijswijk, Delfgauw, Voorburg and Delft.
    Do you want to start fitness, lose weight or get fitter? And to do so in a safe and pleasant environment? But do you keep postponing the first step to the gym? Then Health Me has a personalized solution for you!


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