Mobility training Five 5

Do you notice that your muscles are less flexible?

Do you notice in everyday life that everything goes a lot less smoothly? You have pain when bending over or a small effort is already too much. With the Mobility Training Five 5 we are going to remedy these complaints. We start with a preliminary interview to see what is bothering you. Then we make an appropriate customized schedule. With this schedule you can come and exercise with us and a coach will guide you.

Notice that the following the points are difficult? Then contact us.
Difficulty or pain when bending over(acute) Back painNeck & Neck ComplaintsSleeping badlyWaking up with a stiff backDifficulty standing and walking for long periods of time
Elderly Movement

We offer a listening ear!

Are you suffering from the above complaints? Do not hesitate any longer and visit us. We will see where we can help you in order to remedy your complaints. Besides sports, we also give nutritional advice. Because nothing is as important as the right nutrition. It not only has an effect on your body but also in the recovery of your symptoms.

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