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Do I love myself?

Also, do you ever stand in front of the mirror looking at the person you see there? (Yes, of course, because otherwise you wouldn't stand in front of it.)

Do you then only look at everything that is wrong with that person in your perception, or do you see a beautiful person standing there whose imperfections you lovingly contemplate? What often happens is that you see the beautiful things - both inner and outer - in another person rather than in yourself.

In my neighborhood lived a woman who was really not beautiful to look at, in fact, she fit the picture of what we consider really ugly (looks then).

The woman in question apparently did not think so herself; she stepped through life with such confidence that you felt drawn to look at her. It fascinated me, that someone who was so poorly endowed by Mother Nature could appear so radiant and self-assured and therefore interesting to watch.

I was young and never forgot her. Now that I am older, have more life experience I understand it very well.

People always see in you what you see in yourself. So focus in on the good and the beautiful.

If you have low self-confidence, a negative self-image and/or low self-esteem, you most likely lack sufficient self-love.

Keep in mind that what you focus on grows, so focus on positive things and respect yourself, because if you don't have a good relationship with yourself you can't have one with another.

Take good care of yourself, eat healthy, exercise, and enjoy yourself without feeling guilty because you still have a "to do" list, take rest in time, dare to say no.

Believe in yourself, turn inward on time or meditate.

Boost your self-confidence, pick the right friends. Develop yourself.

Don't be a victim or a pleaser, dare to set boundaries. Be loving to your environment but most of all to yourself. (Oh look, new "to do" list; but this one is always good to follow.)

I could go on and on but the message is clear:

Be aware that you set the standard for how others treat you!!!!

Love Margaret

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