Being aware of your diet, exercise and rest

Being aware of your diet, exercise and rest

Not "REALLY" aware?

Have you ever seen commercials go by on television and so on about nutrition, exercise and rest? Have you started blindly mimicking that without really knowing if it applies to you? I have!!!

Now I am still quite young and may not have gone through some of the same things as others, but even I have become much more aware over the past 2 years about the nutrition, exercise and rest piece.

I used to play soccer at the top sports level and was always moving and resting a lot, I did notice that I was very tired after a long day of school, training and/or competition. As a result, I actually had very little spunk/energy during the rest of the day. This made me more aware of my nutrition, with the goal of feeling more energetic and staying fit. Then I came across nutrition tips and products on television, the Internet and you name it. I blindly adopted things like extra intake of vitamins extra energy boosters etc. without really knowing if this would actually apply to me.

So this is where you get to the bit about being "REALLY" aware of your nutrition, exercise and rest. Meanwhile, I no longer play soccer and have been in the Fitness/Nutrition business for 2 years. Having received a lot of guidance, I have become more conscious about my nutrition (macros). Macros are your carbs, proteins and fats. I found out unconsciously that my macros were not properly balanced. Now that I try to keep my macros well balanced and I keep moving enough and get my necessary rest, I find that I feel very energetic, fit and comfortable in my skin.

My tip is to ask yourself how you are REALLY doing with your nutrition/exercise/rest.

Do you find this difficult to do yourself? I would be happy to help you! Click here for the ACTION To get support to be intentional about nutrition/exercise/rest.

Best regards from,

Raul Lalihatu

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