General conditions

Congratulations on taking the first step to a healthy lifestyle and thank you for choosing us to do so! By your registration you declare to accept and act according to these general conditions and the house rules of Health Me Social Fit Club. The terms and conditions and house rules can be found on and can be requested at the front desk.


Effective date: this is the indicated start date on the contract.

Guarantee period: Health Me Social Fit Club offers its athletes a guarantee period of the first 3 months of the chosen subscription. In these 3 months a minimum of 20 workouts on the Milon circle with at least one rest day between workouts is required. In that case, you retain the right to terminate the subscription within that same period. The remaining term of the agreement will expire and there are no further payment obligations. The warranty period starts from the first training and expires exactly 3 months after the first training day. Moving on to a new training plan/phase after 20 training sessions will automatically start the remaining term of the contract.


Anyone is welcome to become a member at Health Me Social Fit Club. There are several subscription options to choose from as presented at registration.

There is also an administration/registration and start-up fee. Enrollment fees include the following services: creation of the e-file, registration of related applications, a pass/wristband and a replacement pass/wristband in case of loss or theft. The start-up of at Health Me Social Fit Club consists of: one-on-one guidance (Milon personal training session), personal setup of the equipment, implementation of the training schedule and explanation of other club facilities. There is a reflection period of one week after signing the contract. You hereby have the opportunity to revoke the contract free of charge. Provided that the services and facilities have not yet been used. If they have been used, the registration/administration and start-up costs will be charged.

For the duration of the contract, you will receive a pass or wristband that can be used during the contract. The membership is in your name and is not transferable. As a member, you are responsible and liable for the manner of use and misuse of the Health Me Social Fit Club pass/wristband and membership.


For each freeze, a freeze form must be signed at the enrolled facility. Health Me Social Fit Club offers its members the following freeze options: Vacation: up to one month of vacation may be taken each year. During the vacation, the payment obligation continues. At the end of the subscription period, the absent period will be granted as a free period. If the subscription period has already expired, the discount will be granted when sports are restarted.
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