Do you want to feel strong and fitter?

Does it cost you a lot of effort to lift or move things? Or are you easily exhausted? Because of an injury or after sitting at home for a long time, you may not feel as strong.

As your muscle strength declines, you will be less strong. At Health Me we will work with you to increase your muscle strength. With the workouts of the Milon concept you will see the following results:
You feel fitter and strongerYou build more muscle strength30% is more effective than traditional training

Exercise is not something you do alone

At Health Me we look closely at your needs. Together with your own coach you work on your goals. We do sports in a session of 35 minutes. You complete our Milon Circle on 12 different machines. With a personal wristband the machines are adjusted to your size.

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What do members tell about us?

"I have my first phase in the pocket. My back pain is reduced and even the pain from my heel spur is less. I never thought I would last but it feels really good!"
"It's a treat to come here and it's always fun. I notice that my fitness is getting better and my stomach is getting stronger."

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    Do you want to start fitness, lose weight or get fitter? And to do so in a safe and pleasant environment? But do you keep postponing the first step to the gym? Then Health Me has a personalized solution for you!


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