The intelligent workout for your belly!

Are you not losing fat fast? Do you find losing weight difficult? Then Health Me has a new product for you! Namely, the iventri belt. By putting the belt on you reduce your abdominal girth and lose weight locally. 

This doesn't happen just by putting the belt on for a while. It is precisely in combination with exercise and eating right that you will notice a difference! That is why we help you with our ACTION at the branches Wateringse Veld and Scheveningen

Iventri & nutrition pathway

Losing weight locally Reduced abdominal girthAt least 1 clothing size down 8 weeks of weekly coaching

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    Do you want to start fitness, lose weight or get fitter? And to do so in a safe and pleasant environment? But do you keep postponing the first step to the gym? Then Health Me has a personalized solution for you!


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