Strength Training

Get more strength and energy from your body? Then start with strength training

Want to burn more energy and carbohydrates? Then start training your muscles. Muscle definition ensures that the right curves and shapes are accentuated. From the age of 30, muscles start to break down on a micro level. But we can counteract this through strength training.

What are the benefits of strength training?
It stimulates your muscle massYou have more energyYou feel fitterBetter condition
Train your muscles
Milon workouts

Why do men gain muscle faster than women?

When it comes to exercising muscles, men may do it faster than women. This is due to the fact that the male hormone testosterone develops muscle faster than the female hormone estrogen.

With Health Me, you train the right way

Training at Health Me is a little different than in a 'normal gym'. At Health Me we start with a screening of the body. With this we measure all values and we can make a fitting schedule for everyone. Together with a personal coach you get to work with our Milon Circle.

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What do members tell about us?

"I have my first phase in the pocket. My back pain is reduced and even the pain from my heel spur is less. I never thought I would last but it feels really good!"
"It's a treat to come here and it's always fun. I notice that my fitness is getting better and my stomach is getting stronger."

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    Do you want to start fitness, lose weight or get fitter? And to do so in a safe and pleasant environment? But do you keep postponing the first step to the gym? Then Health Me has a personalized solution for you!


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